I'm Aggie Starling, blogging to you from the wilds of Northern Alberta, where our freezing cold winters make me question my sanity until the first shoots of grass spring up again in April. I'm a stay at home mom to the weretoddler, my Little Lotus. She and I get into trouble on the daily while the man of the house (henceforth referred to as His Manliness) rocks out in his Big-Rig. By night we snuggle up, read books, try new recipes and dream up plans.

I'm a crafter, trying my best to live by the Make, Do, and Mend mantra. I love spinning yarn, knitting, sewing and bookbinding. This year I have big plans to learn to grow some vegetables and make my dream of having Big Heart Tiny Farm a reality on our little suburban plot of land. 

I'm an artist, drawing is one of my favourite things to do. I find sketching to be a great way to lose a few hours studying subjects I love. Portraits seem to be what I gravitate toward.

Yeah, I've got a lot of hobbies, but most of all, I have a passion for vegan food. There's something about nourishing your body with food that began from a seed and was fed by the earth itself, that, when prepared with love, does something more than just feed our bodies. I truly believe that the energy expended to grow food in a peaceful way has benefits to us when we consume it - beyond what we physically take from it. Good food and compassionate living feeds the soul.

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